About us

Tetcom is one of the fastest growing Telecoms companies in the industry. We achieve this with extremely good wholesale rates that we pass directly on to the customer enabling us to provide a completely new telephone system for very little or no extra cost.

We have established a working partnership with Siemens and supply Siemens equipment to our customers, we believe it to be the most up to date, reliable and robust product.

At Tetcom we have taken the initiative to give our customers exactly what is required in challenging times; with the latest technology and bespoke telephone systems.

Tetcom’s standpoint in the telecommunications industry is based on developing sufficient savings against your calls and lines expenditure to offset an upgraded telephone system, in most cases costing no extra to what you’re currently spending.

Included in this package are the telephone system, its installation, maintenance, staff training and all the new included features and benefits; tailored to meet your business needs and helping you get the most profit out of your phone system.

Firstly, may I congratulate you on a highly successful implementation of a state of the art and future proof telephone system for our company. Call recording and reporting have increased profitability for our company thanks to advanced analytics for our telesales team.

Special thanks to Charles for delivering exactly what he promised on our first meeting.

Mark Badley
Managing Director at Ronin Ltd.