Dect Handsets

DECT handsets are ideal for companies which operate over a large working area, multiple floors or companies that have staff members who are frequently on the move. If staff members are away from their desks, DECT handsets enable them to take and make calls on the go.


DECT handsets have a range of up to 300 metres in perfect conditions and have the same features as a desktop handset. This means they are incredibly easy to use and are an increasingly popular option with many businesses today. DECT handsets allow you to roam freely around the office and still be contactable by your customers and other staff members. This is great for your customer perception as your customers will always be able to contact you when they need you. DECT handsets mean you will never miss an important call or additional sales order again.


The OpenStage SL4 professional is the slimmest and smallest DECT cordless handset in the portfolio; it satisfies the most stringent requirements in terms of high end functionality and design and suits perfectly to various jobs. From the high-quality handset with galvanized keys, to the large 1.8” TFT color display with modern user interface, this handset looks exquisite. As well as great style, it offers optimum functionality, with excellent voice quality, Bluetooth Interface and a 2.5mm headset jack. The OpenStage SL4 professional is the successor of Gigaset SL3 professional

M2 Professional

There are three phones in the Gigaset M2 family:

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