Call logging

Call Logging allows you to take full control over all telephony activity across your company. For example

Call Logging is a superb way to enhance your customer service, staff training and overall business efficiency.

Here are some of the features at a glance:

Complete management information

Call Logging is a complete call logging/management package for all your call analysis requirements. Reports can be perfomred on aspects of call activity including call volumes, duration, response times, trunk utilisation, call costs, extension usuage, team efficiency, call routing and tracing.

Web based interface

Using the intuitive, web-based interface, call statistics can be accessed from any machine on the network, removing the need for installation of locally installed client software.


All reports support the ability to be drilled into, allowing users the extremely powerful ability of analysing reports in any desired fashion until the infinite call details are reached


Desired reports can be scheduled to run and emailed in a variety of formats such as PDF, Excel or Word to groups or individuals.

Playback through reports

Where call recording is also enabled, the drill downs afford the ability of playing back call recordings from within the reporting utility.

Real-time statistics through wallboards

User-definable, real-time statistics can be displayed through highly configurable wallboards, designed in line with your corporate branding and can even link with external data sources to give complete management overview.

To find out more about call logging packages and how they can work for your business, download the Call Logging pdf or call Tetcom on 0844 567 7667.