Fraud monitor

Telephone Security with Fraud Monitor from Tetcom

Protect your lines and avoid becoming a victim of organised crime - call 0844 567 7667.

Toll Fraud (also called call phreaking or dial through fraud) is becoming increasingly common in the UK. Toll Fraud occurs when someone dials into your phone system and then uses your telephone lines to route phone calls, often to international destinations at your expense. This goes completely undetected and the only time you will know about it is when you receive your next telephone bill.

Did you know?

"Phreakers" can hack telephone systems and voicemail passwords/pins in a few seconds to gain access to your extensions and reroute their illegal calls through your phone system.

Once phreakers have access to your telephone system, they can make calls to anywhere in the world, usually completely undetected. You won't know about it until your next phone bill!

Fraud Monitor lets us know of any suspicious activity on your lines the same day and can prevent a nasty surprise. It makes sense to protect your business and potentially save yourself thousands of pounds if a hack occurs.

Did you know that you are liable for the total costs of any calls made through your phone system if it is hacked? Even if the case is referred to your current supplier or BT the cost of the calls will still have to be settled by you as the calls have originated from your lines.

To prevent this happening to your business and to protect your phone system call Tetcom now on 0844 567 7667.